Tech N9ne Stumbles Into UStream Brodcast

Dec 28 2011

Tech On Morphine

The 2011 Strange Music MVP Awards and SM Live UStream broadcast got a lot more than it bargained for when Tech N9ne walked into the proceedings! Braving the side-effects of morphine (doctor’s orders due to the two ribs that he cracked as a result as a long helicopter fall in Kuwait during his USO tour), Tech N9ne still showed up to support his fellow 816 Boy Makzilla during his live broadcast. The broadcast saw an increase of 200 viewers during Tech’s appearance alone, which only added to the madness and comedy of a regular episode of SM Live.

Highlights of Tech’s appearance include:

  • A rare appearance by Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin.
  • Tech reciting the “Cha Cha Slide” during a call from Cha Cha, an avid listener and fan of SM Live.
  • The invention of the new catch-phrase that encompasses money-making at it’s finest: “Abu Dhabi”.

Watch one of Strange Music’s most memorable UStreams below.