Big Scoob To Be Featured On Live Interview From Strange Music HQ

Jan 30 2012

Big ScoobThis Tuesday (Jan 31,2012), Big Scoob will be in the building to take your calls and answer the questions you’ve been waiting so long to ask! Tune in at 4PM CST to witness history as Big Scoob does his first interview since his last EP No Filter. Scoob, who noticeably left the online radar soon after No Filter released, is back in the musical swing of things and wants to address all the questions that the fans have to ask, like “Where have you been?”

The MC with absolutely no filter will be live for you to address!

MAKE SURE TO CALL 347.994.3066! Show starts at 4PM CST on Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012!


  • What do you want to ask Big Scoob?

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