Prozak Asks Fans: ‘What’s Your Favorite Memory From A Strange Show?’ [Social]

Feb 16 2012

Tech N9ne's "Hostile Takeover 2012" TourWith Tech N9ne’s “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour fast approaching, the buzz around live Strange Music experiences has been felt all over the web. Looking forward to hitting the road with Tech N9ne and Machine Gun Kelly, Strange Music’s Prozak has been joining in the conversation as he prepares to shatter records on the longest tour in rap history.

From outrageous moshpits to high energy performances, Prozak’s live shows are just a piece of the mayhem that fans can expect this summer on the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour. Going straight to the people who know best, Prozak recently asked fans on Facebook and Twitter to share their favorite memories from Strange Music shows over the years. Whether it was meeting their favorite artist or moshing to songs like “Riot Maker” and “Bombs Away”, fans old and new recalled their very best experiences with Strange Music.

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Check out fans on Facebook had to say:

“I was just blown away of the dedication of us the fans fuckin loved it titties loud music and sippin and smokin best show on earth strange music got me hooked been goin every year to shows close to me” – Rsin Lokz

“I was in some small town in Ohio. The show was In a old bank.. Me and my girl was the only people at the meet and greet.. I was
Wearing a old pdm shirt and you loved that.. Later that night you gave me a shout out!!”
– Anthony Eaves

“Guess it was my first time meeting everyone on the KOD tour. Everyone was mad down to earth including Slaughterhouse #HipHopLives” – Brian McGillivray

“First show I went to wasn’t exactly all strange but it was at redrocks tech kmk btnh and icp for the wicked wonka tour omfg tech I guest came from an accident or something he was limping and I was like holy fuck thts an artist came to perform no matter wat was wrong I remember he came out wit two girls he was all dress up in a preacher outfit big ol cross on tht head of his lol it was the best first experience to krayze bones bday to the only thing tht suckx were them dam step fuck them steps when u wanna mosh but since I remember how tech came to the 303 for mlk in the background he had buildings wit snake and bat on the wall awesome set” – Michael Hutchcraft

“Probably your first tour with tech as pdm. I was right up front at the hob in chicago your whole set. I was a bedlam fan before you you did pdm so it was awesome to finally see ya live n be in the front for it” – Joe Brunderman

“My first show tech had a giant fucking strange music pitcher filled to the brim with Caribou Lou the whole front row got a taste let me tell all u noobs the pit is not for fucking pussies at these shows” – Chad Murphy

“It wasn’t a strange music concert. But my first time was my favorite seeing Tech N9ne when he was the first to open at the Wicked Wonka Tour. Ever since then I’ve been stuck.” – Rothann Willison Orender

“Cains Tulsa ok. You pulled me on stage to stage dive. First time was a blast. Second time I get back up there in jump to the left and feel about 5 hands them boom knocked all the air out of me hurt like hell. I get back to the front and you put your hand out again and I was like cutting my throat saying no. You started laughing. Great times” – Chris Robinson

“When Prozak was doing his set and he directed his middle at me and said…”START THAT FUCKING MOSH PIT!!!”…and i just lost it.” – Blaze Stump

“Tulsa Oklahoma. Everready tour. Stayed at the same hotel as Tech and Krizz and Kutt and critical bill. Tech knocked on our door and brought two bitches and a bottle of Crown. And we partied all night!” – Jeff Williams

“Getting to go on the tour bus when strange was in allentown, my first concert ever and meeting tech krizz n kutt all at once n getting there john hancocks. Best 1st concert ever!!” – Kendra Ritchie

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  • What’s your favorite memory from a Strange Music show?
  • How many shows have you attended?

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