Prozak Hosts The Paranormal Activity Show On Psychopathic Radio

Jan 5 2012

WFuckOff Radio has become Psychopathic Radio, and while the name has changed, there’s a program that remains: Prozak’s Paranormal Activity Show and it is live tonight at 11pm EST! You can call in to (248)306-5616 or chat live and talk about your ghost stories with Mr. Paranormal himself.

Here’s a description:

“And the excitement continues at 11 PM EST with The Paranormal Activity Show hosted by Strange Music’s Prozak. Paranormal: Something that cannot be scientifically explained. i.e. paranormal in nature. Between the world of the living and the dead, there are doors, portals to the parallel universes that coincide with our mortal existence. From the dawn of time, mankind has been obsessed to find these answers: What happens after death? Are we alone in the universe? Are the forces at work keeping us from the answers? Fear, Panic, and conspiracy…Welcome to Prozak’s Paranormal Activity Show! @therealprozak

You can also go back and listen to previous Paranormal Activity Shows in the archive section.

Don’t miss out! Click here to tune in!

What did you think of the show? Would you like to see Strange Music do more shows? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.