‘It’s Not Typical Rap’ – Prozak Speaks On Strange Music And ‘Paranormal’

Jan 30 2012

Prozak Speaks On 'Paranormal' And Strange MusicAfter years of affiliation with Strange Music, Prozak finally inked a deal with the independent powerhouse this past December. The official signing would give Prozak a four album/five year deal with the label founded by Kansas City’s own, Tech N9ne. Balancing his music and film-making, Prozak now gears up to give fans his latest album, Paranormal –an album that he believes will be unlike anything he’s done before.

Saginaw’s MLive.com recently caught up with Prozak to discuss his signing to Strange Music and the highly anticipated Paranormal. Speaking on his place with the indie label, Prozak answered critics:

“I feel good about it. I’ve worked with these people and they’re creative and hardworking. From a promotional standpoint, this is what I need right now. And when they signed me on, they told me my last album was their third highest selling release. That kind of answers those who say I’m too strange for Strange Music.”

Adding to the buzz, industry veteran Violet Brown also spoke on Prozak’s new album and gave the emcee credit for his business sense:

“Prozak is super-talented,” she said. “But he’s also professional and he brings a strong fan base. He works at making it work. He’s smart and he stays accessible to his fans. He’s also very humble; that’s what I’ve found as I got to know him more.”

With a legend like Violet Brown in his corner, Prozak is quickly becoming one of the most acclaimed artists on Strange Music. While fans wait for the release of Paranormal on 4/24/12, Prozak will smash stages across the country on Tech N9ne’s “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour. Soon enough, Saginaw will have even more to be proud of.

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