CES Cru To Premiere Groundbreaking Video On UStream Today At 1PM CST

Jan 13 2012

CES Cru - 4 Nothin - UStream Premiere

Hip hop has never seen anything like this. If you want to know why Tech N9ne is so excited for the addition of CES Cru to Strange Music (aside from their stellar features on“Livin Like I’m Dyin”, “Give It Up”, and “Unfair”), look no further than UStream today at 1PM CST when we broadcast their acapella performance of “4 Nothin” from the warehouse in Strange Music Headquarters.

After watching this video you will never look at rapping the same way again. Expect a spectacle from two deadly emcees that will hypnotize and excite the mind in a way that has never been done before in the history hip hop!

Click HERE at 1PM CST to be a witness!