SM Live Makes 2012 Debut In Style [Video]

Jan 16 2012

SM Live With Makzilla

SM Live came back to the airwaves in style in the 2012 debut episode of the most entertaining show on the Earth. This episode was featured on UStream complete with TV-style production and transitions, which will be the new standard for the show’s broadcast.

The topic of the episode was bullying, a topic that hit home with many of the viewers and listeners. The topic generated so much response that it will even be featured on the next episode to make sure no stone was left unturned and that everyone who wanted to speak up has a fair shot.

The episode also featured an airing of CES Cru, Strange Music’s newest signee, performing their acapella rendition of “4 Nothin'” in The Strange Music warehouse. The highly-shareable video is creating quite the buzz already amounting to 18,000 views in four days time. Makzilla congratulated the Kansas City pair who we hope to have on next week’s episode.


SM Live With Makzilla

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