Tech N9ne Confirms Features For Murs And The Dirtball [Social]

Jan 3 2012

Tech N9ne To Collaborate With Murs And The Dirtball

2012 may just see Tech N9ne jump on even more collaborations than ever before. After finding his way to several guest features in 2011, Tech N9ne is starting the new year by working with some notable MCs.

Making his way back to Twitter recently, Tech N9ne responded to Kottonmouth Kings’ The Dirtball in regards to a collaboration. Tech confirmed that he owed a couple of guest features to The Dirtball and Murs, both of whom have worked with Tech N9ne in the past. Listeners may remember The Dirtball from Tech N9ne’s “Paint A Dark Picture” on Killer. Although Murs and Tech N9ne have yet to officially collaborate, the two MCs toured the nation together on Tech N9ne’s Sickology 101 Tour in 2009. The new collaborations are sure to keep listeners hooked and with Tech’s recent impact on the industry, fans can expect to hear more of the Kansas City King’s sizzling guest features.

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