More Than A Music Video – Why You Should Watch The “Am I A Psycho?” World Premiere This Sunday [Editorial]

Jan 20 2012

Am I A Psycho?

This time, the revolution will be televised. The call to action isn’t to hit the streets, but to post up on your couch and flip to MTV2 this Sunday to watch the world premiere for Tech N9ne’s “Am I A Psycho?” music video.

Tech N9ne represents the front lines of the resistance to what’s wrong with the music industry. Through a commitment that has lasted over a decade, he has slowly and steadily built an army of fans that have been an extension of his message: Fuck The Industry.

With years of sold-out shows and albums that have shot to the top of the pop charts, the people hhave spoken. What they’re saying is that there’s still a very large demand for the music that Tech N9ne has to offer:

  • Creativity over formula
  • Quality over fad
  • Real over fake

With the premiere of Tech N9ne’s “Am I A Psycho?” music video, Tech’s longtime prediction is coming true: the industry will go Tech. MTV also put in the work to do a “behind the scenes” feature on the making of the video that will run throughout the show: further proof that the level of interest from the mainstream towards Tech N9ne has gone beyond mere curiosity.

With the world watching, it’s now more important than ever to show up and let your voice be heard. By tuning into Sucker Free Sunday, once again you will be participating in the shift that Strange Music has been striving for since it began.

What’s it going to take to take the industry by storm? Once again, you, the fan. By tuning into Sucker Free Sunday for the premiere of the “Am I A Psycho?” music video, you’ll be able to show MTV and the rest of the industry what the people really want.

After all, what’s the point in coming this far unless we’re going to take it all the way?

“If we want bigger media outlets to start recognizing independent artists, then we need to prove that we have fans that want it. Please tune into MTV2 on Sunday and watch the premiere of “Am I A Psycho”. #independentgrind Turn it up!!!” – Funk Volume

Tune into MTV2 Sucker Free Sunday on January 22 for the official premiere of Tech N9ne’s “Am I A Psycho?” music video. The worldwide premiere will also feature exclusive behind the scenes footage and will air at 10AM CST and 10PM CST (11 AM EST and 11PM EST) with a regional broadcast in the West Coast at 11AM and 11PM PST. Check your local listings and don’t miss out!

– Jeff Nelson, Senior Blog Editor

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  • Will you tune in to watch the premiere of the “Am I A Psycho?” music video?

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