‘You’re Crazy’ – 5 Things We Want To See In ‘Am I A Psycho?’

Jan 4 2012

5 Things We Want To See In 'Am I A Psycho?'

On All 6’s And 7’s, Tech N9ne explored nearly every dark corner of his mind, but none was so crazed and bizarre as his approach on the hit, “Am I A Psycho?”. Joined by B.o.B and Hopsin, Tech gave listeners one of his most unusual and memorable songs of 2011. Now with news of an official music video on the way, fans have been flooding the web with their excitement and expectations. Reportedly taking on the roles of psychotic murderers, the three emcees tapped into their inner psycho for the music video.

With all of the excitement surrounding the impending premiere of the music video, we decided to compile a list of the top things we would like to see in the final cut of “Am I A Psycho?”. From unstable strippers (seriously though) to a very special cameo, we’ve got you covered.

5) Bleeding walls

Bleeding WallsIs there anything scarier than your walls bleeding? Probably not. The mere thought would have most people packing up for the next town. The “bleeding walls” effect first scared the crap out of audiences everywhere in the classic Amityville Horror. With Tech and the guys looking to borrow the most iconic horror imagery, we would like to think that bleeding walls would be quite effective in creating an eerie visual. The clean up crew might not agree though.

4) Cigarette wielding strippers

Stripper With A CigaretteWe promise that this one goes beyond our desire to just see strippers…sort of. During one of the weirder moments on the track, Tech recalls –

“Why did I let this stripper burn me on the arm with a cigarette
In the same spot 10 times in a row when I felt that burn I palm the clitoris?”

Seriously, ten times? Ouch. Despite the absolute insanity behind this incident, there’s something to be said for the visual of a stripper waving around a cigarette just waiting to attack an unsuspecting Tech N9ne. Damon Dash sprayed women with Cristal. Tech chooses to have them burn him. Health risks aside, this would make for a memorable shot.

3) The Necronomicon

Necronomicon - Army Of Darkness

The thought of horror fans everywhere geeking out for this is reason enough to make it happen. The book of the dead aka The Necronomicon from The Evil Dead series is some serious stuff – far worse than that 300 page book on physics you once had to read. A brief shot of the book in the background would make for a nice nod to horror buffs.

2) B.o.B+microphone= someone is getting stabbed


We don’t know what motivated B.o.B to drop such a hot verse, but we’re glad he did. Leaving the pop music behind, Bobby Ray stepped on emcees everywhere with one of his craziest flows yet. The opening line is warning enough:

“I stab you with this mic and rap this verse I’m rappin’ to you”

We don’t care how it happens, but someone give this dude a microphone and place him in a room with a victim and just let the cameras roll. Norman Bates ain’t got shit on B.o.B

1) Will Ferrell cameo

Will Ferrell In Old School

If this one isn’t obvious enough, allow us to explain. The most popular line of “Am I A Psycho?” came courtesy of Will Ferrell in Old School – “I like you, but you’re crazy.” Tech’s delivery of the line would forever cement the phrase in Strange Music folklore. One wacky cameo from Mr. Ferrell is all it would take to put this video over the edge. Hell, make him a victim of all three emcees at the end of the video. Oh, and leave the cowbell at home.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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