Leonard DStroy Live Interview Recap [Audio]

Feb 7 2012

CES Cru - The Playground
We were able to get the producer of CES Cru’s The Playground on the air and ask him questions about the next CES Cru album, his production techniques, and his advice for aspiring producers. The underground beatsmith gave revealing and detailed answers about his quirky production and how he got to where he is now.

DStroy described the sound that he wants to achieve for CES Cru’s next album as bigger, “epic” and possessing more polish than the beats for The Playground. With his production techniques and style, DStroy expressed his love for multiple layers, which is apparent from listening to The Playground, an album where you’re likely to hear something new with each listen. For his advice to aspiring producers, DStroy, who would spent four-to-eight hours a day working on his scratching technique alone, recommended just one thing: work.


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