‘I’d Probably Eat Tech N9ne’s Brain’ – Brotha Lynch Hung Strange Music Exclusive Interview Recap

Feb 3 2012

Brotha Lynch Hung

We were privileged to have Brotha Lynch Hung on the airwaves in which he answered our questions and took calls from his loyal fans!

Lynch had a lot to say about the direction of his upcoming album Mannibalector, what it takes to be a successful emcee, and also had plenty of off-kilter things to say during the interview. They don’t call it Strange Music for nothing!


  • Lynch explains how smoking and drinking helps his creative process (4:36).
  • Lynch talks about the Donner Party mixtape him and Prozak are working on (18:39)
  • “I just saw their video two days ago that they did in the Strange warehouse and that is some brand new fucking shit man!…That’s taking rap to another level.” – Lynch gives praise to newly-signed Strange Music artists CES Cru (20:21)
  • Lynch picks his 5 Essential Brotha Lynch Hung songs (31:35)
  • “You gotta really want to do it.” – Lynch gives advice to up-and-coming emcees (32:43).
  • Lynch explains the origin of his love for meat. (38:41)
  • “I would probably eat Tech N9ne’s brain because I need to know what’s going on in that sick motherfucker’s head. This motherfucker’s been going off the hook lately, getting tighter and tighter!” Lynch on who he would eat if he had to (40:00).


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