Submit Your Beats To Strange Music!

Feb 17 2012

Strange Music LogoOne of the most commonly asked questions we get at Strange is “How do I send in my beats?”

Well now we have the definitive answer! BEATS @ STRANGEMUSICINC.COM

  • .MP3 or .WAV Please for reviewing purposes, make sure all of your beats are in a playable format such as .wav or .mp3.
  • Two-track bounces only! If the beats are selected then we will certainly take the session file for mixing and studio purposes, but for reviewing purposes we only want your two-track mixes.
  • No more than 3 beats will be considered! Obviously those listening are very busy and only have a small amount of time, so make sure you send no more than 3 of your finest pieces of work so you can make the best impression in the least amount of time.
  • Send only ONE e-mail! You can send up to 3 beats but please only send ONE e-mail.

A lot of producers on Strange Music recordings have gotten noticed in this fashion. YOU could be next!

Send your beats to beats @ !