‘Me Too’ – Tech N9ne Joins Fans In Supporting Kutt Calhoun [Social]

Feb 13 2012

Tech N9ne Joins Fans In Supporting Kutt CalhounDuring the now infamous 49th episode of SM Live, Tech N9ne made a special appearance which concluded in a controversial final address to fans who don’t support Kutt Calhoun. A clearly frustrated Tech made no apologies and fired back at those who continue to criticize, but don’t support. It looks like Tech’s words hit hard for many because an extraordinary new campaign is showing just how supportive Strangeland can be.

Recently, the Real Idaho Tech Squad began spreading the “I Buy Kutt Calhoun” image above on Facebook, Twitter, and even TheRealTechN9ne.com. The campaign sparked other Kutt Calhoun fans to start a new movement in support of the Kansas City Chief and his music. It didn’t take long for the campaign to reach Tech N9ne as just a few hours later, Tech N9ne tweeted the image with the phrase, “Me too!” With Kutt Calhoun absent from the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour, fans all over have rallied behind the emcee in support of all of his projects and live performances. The incredible show of respect and love from the fans is just another example of how powerful and special the bond is between Kutt Calhoun and his listeners. Many have shown their support, will you join and back the Kansas City Chief?

Follow Tech N9ne on his official Twitter: @TechN9ne

WATCH Kutt Calhoun’s EPK Video Below

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