Associate of CES Cru, Kutty Slitz – Live Podcast Interview

Mar 19 2012

Kutty Slitz on rightOne of the originators in Kansas City’s rap game and founder of CES Cru, Kutty Slitz will be on the air LIVE at 2PM CST on Marcy, 19, 2012 to take your calls and answer your questions!



Kutty Slitz, as unpredictable and wildly charismatic as a guest the world has ever seen, had much to say about many different things. Godemis was also able to jump in for a little bit to drop his knowledge about the legend of CES.

Here’s a snippet of how it went down…

Ubiquitous and Godemis JUST released videos that preview their upcoming mix tapes, which are on, and one of the top rated comments was “I thought CES Cru consisted of three members.” How did the amount of members go down to two?

Godemis: Absolutely it can be broken down into like were like third generation CES Cru. Truth be told, the reason it went down to two was because we drifted apart, but Mike (Ubiquitous) and I kept everything going and after much hard work we were able make a name for CES Cru until by the time we started getting a name and recognition people only recognized us as two.

Has their been a mission for this group from the beginning?

Kutty: We just wanted to be like, lyrical, sick and insane. We wanted muthafuckas to be like, we wanted to be like the midwest Wu Tang Clan without being like heavy into the gods and earthly gods. We weren’t really into that but for the most part we just wanted to have like a vast vocabulary and we just wanted people to be on our dicks man for real. We wanted to take over the local hip hop scene cause it was the shit. So basically we just wanted to bring the element of hip hop back into the music scene for Kansas City, because It wasn’t a big music scene as far as hip hop.

You’ve known of Godemis and Ubiquitous of Ces Cru for a while. What are they likebehind-the-scenes and do you have any interesting stories to share?

Kutty: Godemis is a fucking loving, carefree, happy-go-lucky – do not leave your women around him unless you’re gonna let her fuck him, as I do. Ubi on the other hand is a professional asshole, but as the disclaimer to saying something like that: he’s doing that for a reason because he knows that Matter Don’t Money and that shit is real as fuck and I wish that I would have had that mentality of asshole-ishness because I adore that in him. I love him. I love that dude like my big brother and he’s my little brother. He is the General. I used to go by that moniker but I let the whole world know: ya’ll really better watch out for him cause he has a keen insight of business sense that is unparalleled-to-none. He is just awesome. The thing I love the most is that every time you think hes gone fuck off his focus just ups the ante so fucking raw and hard core that you find yourself saying you’re the fuck off for even thinking that about him in the first place.