‘Will Rap For Food’ – Krizz Kaliko Hits The Streets In Music Video ‘Mayday’ From ‘Kickin’ And Screamin”

Mar 27 2012

Krizz Kaliko - 'Mayday' music video

Krizz Kaliko is hungry!

Shortly after his music video for “Kill Shit”, Krizz Kaliko hits us over the head again with another video for his upcoming album Kickin’ and Screamin’. This time Krizz switches out locations, and instead of the comfy confines of the local mall, Krizz is on the streets begging for change.

This song sees wack rappers (“wappers” for short) get the lyrical beat-down from Krizz Kaliko. In the video, the bum with the Strange chain fires off bars of indictment against hip hop and the medicore artists that pollute this otherwise wonderful art form: “This is my SOS to you and also F you.” Krizz spits these lines while trying to get notice from the scared suburbanites that pass by in their vehicles without paying much mind to the man that Will Rap For Food.

In the end, maybe the best donation to “Save Hip Hop” will be to buy Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ And Screamin’ when it drops on May 15, 2012.


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