‘Best Album From Strange So Far’ – Fans React To ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ [Social]

Mar 27 2012

Fans React To Mayday's 'Take Me To Your Leader'The album touted as “the best album we’ve ever released” by Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin has finally made its way into the hands of fans everywhere and the response could not be any more impressive.

With 19 brand new tracks, ¡MAYDAY!’s Take Me To Your Leader has picked up steam with listeners on the very first day of release. Featuring guest appearances from Tech N9ne, Murs, Krizz Kaliko, Dead Prez, and many more, Take Me To Your Leader delivered a high octane mix of lyricism and stellar production.

Only one day into its release, the album’s positive reviews are spreading quick on the web. The ¡MAYDAY! era has officially begun – will you be a part of Strange Music’s latest chapter?

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Read what fans on the web had to say about Take Me To Your Leader:

“You guys fucking killed this album. Straight killed it. Travis was right, best (or at least most versatile) strange release yet.” – Kyle Renfrow

“JUST bought TMTYL on iTunes! Had to wait untill 1 AM for it to come on iTunes Denmark lol, I freakin love it!!!” – Berwa H. Mahmod

“Bravo Bravo, Take Me To Your Leader is Purely Excellent!!!! Thank You for makin true, honest, real, and unqiue music K.D. >.<” – Khaotic Davis

“Album is legit! Some amazing music. Good job!” – Sam Belcher

“Album is f*ckin’ awesome!!! Every track is SICK!!! You guys are great!!!” – Billy Radler

“Got my preorder today, WAY past my expectations. Congrats, and I can’t wait to see you guys in Tampa. STRANGE.” – Scott Seaman

“TMTYL on a a continuous loop… ¡Mayday! all day long…” – Alex B

“congrats on the album, its amazing! see you guys on tour in a few months!” – Danny Cantone

“The whole album is fucking sick! It’s refreshing to hear something like this with all the bullshit that’s out these days. Nicely done.” – Sean Beveridge

“Loving this album!!!! you guys are rocking it!!!” – Caleb Litalien

“TMTYL goes HARD AS FUCK!!! SOOOO glad yall are with Strange! Mos Def one of the best ever.” – Rance D. Jordan

“Just heard the entire album, damn you guys killed it! Didn’t skip any songs which is seriously saying something. Devil on my mind is amazing. #7 hip hop and #61 over all album on Itunes!! Keep it up guys! I’ll be seeing you in Jacksonville” – Pedro Bravo

“This album is fire! Great job fellas!” – Andrew Kennedy

“Dwaaaaaamn. I love all of your music. But TMTYL bangs it all.. fuckin amazing, guys! props from germany!” – Florian Dude Holtmann

“As much as I loved All 6s and 7s and Coathangastrangla, this is the best album from Strange so far. Better than I expected, and i expected a lot.” – Jeffrey Rock

“Oh damn..I really gotta say I espected a lot..and honestly..Take me to your leader is a fuckin masterpiece! And still this is an understatement for such a great piece of art!Much,much love from me and all my friends from germany! Keep it up! You guys are unique!” – Strange Stranger

“Just did a quick preview of the album b4 bed ive got to say just wow just like all strange muzik ur guys life is n ur music ur cd is phenomenal congrats on bein so dam good” – Josh Flynn

“Listening to ¡Mayday! – Take me to your leader……possibly album of the year……these guys are really good….” – Glenn Jesus Smith

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