¡MAYDAY! Makes Murderdog Magazine ‘Interview Of The Week’

Mar 1 2012

MAYDAY Murderdog Magazine Interview Of The Week¡MAYDAY!’s very own Plex Luthor is featured in this week’s Murderdog Magazine “Interview Of The Week”.

Murderdog, a longtime supporter and advocate of Strange Music, was finally able to catch up with a member of ¡MAYDAY!, one of Strange’s newest and most exciting acts. Plex Luthor talked about the band’s sound, their upcoming album Take Me To Your Leader and their relationship with Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin.


On Travis O’Guin

“He’s a special person, they don’t come like that. To walk in there and think you could just put some money down and be like Strange Music, forget it. You don’t fuckin know Travis if that’s what you think. The people behind Strange eat, sleep and breath this shit. And they’re good people who do business in the correct way, which doesn’t exist in the music industry anywhere else.”

On the tone of Take Me To Your Leader

“Everybody says it’s dark. I don’t feel like it’s dark, but that’s what everybody’s saying. I’d say it’s darker; we’ve never been a happy music. None of our shit is happy go lucky. But I’d say we were influenced by the times. We had the economic collapse, we had gone on tour, a friend of ours had just died. It’s like everyone is scrambling for jobs at this time. It’s kind of an apocalyptic vibe to it.”

On ¡MAYDAY!’s success so far

“I think our live show in general has been the main key to our success. That’s what people at Strange Music told us. They said that they wouldn’t have fucked with us if we didn’t have such a good live show. But they also said they wouldn’t have fucked with us if they didn’t love the album.”

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