‘Instant Classic’ – Fans Buzzing Over ¡MAYDAY!’s ‘T.N.T.’ [Social]

Mar 8 2012

¡MAYDAY! "T.N.T" Featuring Dead PrezJust over two weeks away from the release of Take Me To Your Leader, ¡MAYDAY! struck a match and lit a new fire under Strangeland with their second official single, “T.N.T.”

Featuring legendary hip hop duo Dead Prez, “T.N.T.” puts listeners in the middle of Tunisia and recounts the events of a people’s revolution. Produced by Plex Luthor, the provocative second single left fans stunned thanks to its message and high profile guest spot. “T.N.T.” comes on the heels of “Death March” and only further proves the significance behind the group’s music – something that fans are standing behind.

With the latest release from ¡MAYDAY!, fans all over the web are buzzing and spreading “T.N.T.” in anticipation of Take Me To Your Leader. The clock is winding down and it’s almost time – don’t get left behind!

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Check out what fans on Facebook had to say:

“So sick. I might have to buy two of this album so I can spread the good word about Mayday!” – Nick Sheeley

“Never dissappointed! Keep up the good work! #19 days” – Amanda Czerna

“God damn mayday you guys are on some other shit right now. Mayday and dead prez? Fuckin brilliant cannot wait to see you guys and pick up the cd.” – Trey Triple Throwed Neeley

“Awesome, like I said before years a head. You guys are gonna take everyone by storm.” – Bobby Schabilion

“I dig the fact you’re openly sharing your music free of charge on your homepage with the fans, knowing they’ll love the final product and support. I’ve been blown away by the quality work you all continue to deliver. I can’t wait until the LP drops so I can purchase the finished product, keep it pushin!” – Mac Thunder

“Wat up my Strange Fam yhis song goes fuckin hard! #Stranger4Life” – Paul Awol Parada

“Damn imayday! Keeps uppin their shit. Haven’t heard from dead prez in a min.” – Blaine Gray

Check out the Twitter buzz below:

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