#StrangeMusicValuePak – Murs Supports ¡MAYDAY!’s ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ [Social]

Mar 27 2012

Murs Purchases "Take Me To Your Leader"It was new music Monday indeed as Murs joined Strange Music fans in celebrating ¡MAYDAY!’s Take Me To Your Leader by picking up a physical copy of the album on the official release date.

As fans everywhere shared photos of their purchases, Murs hit the web to show love for Take Me To Your Leader and uploaded a photo of his own. The West Coast fan favorite is actually a guest on the album’s rowdy hit, “Hardcore Bitches”.

Showing off his Strange colors, Murs also praised the album’s packaging and it’s inclusion of KLUSTERFUK, which fans can pick up at their local Best Buy. Already a friendly face in Strangeland, Murs is strapping up for the ride through ¡MAYDAY!’s Strange Music debut.

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