‘The Buzz Is Crazy’ – CES Cru’s Godemis Talks The ‘Hostile Takeover 2012’ Tour Opening Show At The Midland In Kansas City

Mar 7 2012

Godemis of CES Cru

The stage is set for hip hop history to begin right where it’s been happening for the past decade, in Kansas City, where the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour will kick off at The Midland in Kansas City on March 24, 2012.

What does this tour mean for Kansas City given that it started here and it’s originating from a Kansas Citian?

I feel like it’s huge. It’s 2o12–it’s a huge year. You’ve got Krizz, ¡MAYDAY!, Prozak, Stevie–the roster’s right and we will be at The Midland. We just signed to the label officially so for me personally, even though we’re not actually on the tour, it’s all like our cherry is being popped a little.

This will be your first time performing as an offically signed Strange Act. What’s it mean to perform at The Midland as the opener? You’ll be the first act that they see on the biggest hip hop tour in history.

What does it mean? That’s probably a better question answered after the fact because I don’t think I’m really ready for it. I kind of use the mentality that I can put it out of my brain and I try not to think about what it’s going to be like and the impact of it because I don’t even think i can comprehend what it’s going to do. We put out the “Unfair” video and that shit blew up beyond what I expected.

Actually being the opener on the biggest hip hop tour–on the almighty Strange Music label–that shit’s going to be bananas. I’m aware of that but I try to put it out of my mind and I don’t think about the impact that it’s going to have and I don’t think about how many people are going to be going nuts and shit because that will just get me off my square.

So you’re just pretty much focused on you doing your job.

Absolutely. Yep.

Can we expect some new tricks up the sleeve for the set? What are you guys going to do differently?

We do have some new tricks up our sleeve. Ubi and I have been working pretty hard on our solo projects right now, on our mixtapes, so I think we’re going to try and integrate that into the set somehow–which is risky because it’s unfamiliar material but you gotta unveil it sometime right? I think we’re going to include one another into some of that solo material that we’ve been working on and try to let the crowd feel that and give that a test run. Probably some new shit if I’m not mistaken.

What can you say about the vibe of a Tech N9ne show in KC for the people driving in?

You know I’ve been kicking it with Tech a little bit this month and a couple of the other fellas. The buzz is crazy. I just keep my ear to the street and I know that everyone’s going to be there. Like we were saying earlier, being offically signed and having it being legit as fuck on our end and with the ink being dry: the vibe feels enormous. The vibe is Strange and everyone’s going to be there, no pun intended. Everyone’s going to be there. We just gotta fucking deliver and put our nuts on the table. It’s going to be bananas and the vibe in the city is: everyone is too proud of us and can’t wait to see it go down the right way.

People coming in from out of town, if they wanted to know what to do during the day and after the show, what would you tell them?

Shit if somebody had half of the day who had driven into Kansas City for the show I would say you could always go to the fucking Nelson or something like this. They could mob through L Loose Park if you’re into parks–one of my favorite places to go. We’ve got an awesome theater right outside of the Power and Light District, you could take it to a fucking movie. We got whatever they want to do in the early half of the day. Go to City Market and see how we get down. This is shit that I do.

At the same time once it gets to the night I would recommend of course hitting Westport. Harry’s, The Record Bar: lots of good people at both of those spots I just mentioned. The Riot Room is a good spot to go. You could probably find me at either one of those places after The Midland. That’s what I would do. I recommend places where they pour the drinks right and they give them to you in a timely fashion–and I always tip my bartenders. I would always recommend Westport to anybody.

People coming into KC are likely going to sample some of the barbecue. What’s the best barbecue in Kansas City?

Z Man Sandwich
The Z-Man is brisket, smoked provolone, and two onion rings stacked in between a kaiser bun.

You know what? I’m going to get crucified but I gotta stand by this place. They’re even a loophole because I don’t know if technically they’re in KC. I’m going to say that Oklahoma Joe’s is my favorite place for barbecue. The fucking place is connected to a gas station, okay, and on any given day when you go there there’s a line wrapped around that gas station and everyone’s there to get phenomenal barbecue. Oklahoma Joe’s is the spot. No disrespect. I’m putting it out there. Get a Z-Man. When you go there you want to get a Z-Man and just slather that with whatever sauce they have on the table because they’re all delcious and you’re welcome.

Last meal at Okie Joe’s: what would you get?

You know I just usually get a slab, like real talk. You want a slab or you can get a Z-Man but you gotta get the enormous bag of fucking fries. These fries are bananas. They give you like a pound of fries for every order. I don’t know what they sprinkle on them, if it’s just seasoned salt or whatever the fuck they’re doing, but the fries are fucking delicious. I make myself sick on them over and over again.

I can vouche for that. They give you enough for two people.

Oh God! Ahh! It’s so good. And how do you get a line like that outside of a barbecue place? It’s because everyone knows it’s worth the wait. You’re going to wait 45 minutes to an hour probably and they’re not dragging their feet back there either, they’re kicking shit out, and still! I can’t believe they haven’t torn down a wall and expanded that shit.

Anything you’d like to say to the fans that are coming to see you guys and Strange music in KC from out of town?

All I can say is that from the bottom of my little tiny black, shriveled-up heart, all I can say is thank you. Just thank you to all the fucking fans, they made the shit happen. Without them CES Cru and the whole shit wouldn’t be here. I’m sure I speak for Ubi as well when I say that. We’ve got a lot of work to do and we’re doing that. Yeah, let’s fucking kick it when y’all come to Kansas City, that’s all I’m saying!

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