'Looks Like More Than 30+ Dates' – Kutt Calhoun Prepares New Tour [Social]

Mar 27 2012

Kutt Calhoun Prepares "Calling My Name" TourThe official “Calling My Name” Tour is shaping up to be a big one for the Kansas City Chief as he recently confirmed a long string of dates for the upcoming solo tour.

Joined by Flawless Real Talk, Kutt Calhoun has been busy putting together the “Calling My Name” Tour which will take him across the country this spring and give fans everywhere a chance at catching live performances of their favorite hits.

Kutt recently jumped back on the web to update fans and announce that the tour is currently sitting at over 30 dates. Kutt also went on to confirm that dates would soon be up in order to give everyone enough warning. With so many cities getting a visit from Kutt Calhoun, will you be in the building when Strange Music gets Raw And Un-Kutt?

Check out what you can expect from Kutt Calhoun:

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