15 Years Later – Strange Music Fans Remember Notorious B.I.G. [Social]

Mar 10 2012

Strange Music Fans Remember Notorious B.I.G.March 9, 1997 stands as one of the most significant dates in hip hop history. It is the date that Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down in Los Angeles, forever leaving a void in the culture and music of hip hop. Fifteen years later, March 9 remains a day of grieving and celebration as fans around the world reminisce on the life and music of The Notorious B.I.G.

With the fifteenth anniversary of his passing, we decided to remember Biggie Smalls by asking the Strange Music fans how many references they could find to his music within the Strange Music catalog. From Tech N9ne to Krizz Kaliko, some of Strange Music’s biggest hits have paid homage to the memory of Biggie. Check out what the fans had to say below:

WOW! 15 years since Biggy was murdered…crazy…some of our music has referenced or quoted Notorious B.I.G…can you name some?

“all i want is bitches, big booty bitches” – Yarely Gnarly Galvan

“Tech mentioned his name in I WANT YOU FOR MYSELF” – Larry Lewkowicz

“Kutt Calhoun – Speed” – Jonas Snitteper Krogh

“In the verse of slacker, Tech makes it his own but uses a line from Big Poppa” – Mark Churchin

“‎”I can take your limp off cheap with my peeps” Slacker, Absolute Power.” – Manuel Quetza Aguilar

“Kutt Calhoun ‘Speed’.. “put me in the system and lose the key as they try and institutionalize me” not same lyrics but same beat as hypnotize” – Chris Struyk

“A wise man once said everybodyy want heave but nobody want dead… TECH N9NE VICTORY” – Kel El

‎”we did it Kansas City, we did it, like BIGGIE said!!! ” – Jason Brooklyn Domino Hendrix

Slacker- the So I just grip my piece, rip off fleeceOut to take yo lip off chief,with my peeps has the same flow as hypnotize So I just speak my piece, keep my piece Cubans with the Jesus piece , with my peeps” – Logan Cantrell

“Big scoobs verse in Love Me Tomorrow” – Keith Christen

“Fu pay me krizz kalkos verse” – Aaron Scott Hahn

“You can pray and pray on my downfall, when I rise like the sun I ain’t fuckin wit y’all – “keep on keepin on” – Daniel Schwegler

Check out what inspired Tech N9ne’s lines on “Slacker”:

“So I just, grip my piece, rip off fleece
Out to take ya lip off chief, with my peeps”

  • What are some of your favorite Biggie references from Strange Music?

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