'Could Be The Best Album We've Ever Released' – Travis O'Guin Talks 'Take Me To Your Leader'

Mar 26 2012

In a podcast interview we conducted with Travis O’Guin, the Strange Music CEO revealed a shocking opinion: the best album Strange Music has ever released is not a Tech N9ne record, but rather Take Me To Your Leader from ¡MAYDAY!

Read what he had to say or listen above…

Take Me To Your Leader could be the best album we’ve ever released. I don’t just feel this way because it’s new and I’m not trying to promote shit when I say that I’ve listened to the album a hundred times myself and I can’t wear it out. That’s a tell-tale sign for me that says “Wow, we got something really great.” I’m not skipping over tracks – I’m not doing any of that on the album. I’m actually listening to the album front to back.

It’s not what we do here traditionally, it’s different. I really get a kick out of listening to it. It’s entertaining and it’s lyrical. Wrekonize is a fucking beast. That dude, he’s one of my favorites right now. Wrek is doing some shit that’s fucking amazing to me, like “Wow, this dude can really flow!” His style and the way he plays with different syllables, you’re going to hear it. I love Bernz to death too. I find myself becoming a bigger and bigger fan of them the more that I listen, which is a great sign for me. If I get tired of a record relatively quick and I’m easily skipping over tracks – that’s not what I’m in this business for. I’m trying to put together full albums that people can take an emotional ride to through the whole fucking thing. That’s what I want to hear. Every time we put together an album I’m not putting on there one or two hit songs that I plan on going to radio with. Everyone knows we don’t fuck with radio. We fuck with fans. We make these albums for the fans. If someone is going to spend their money on one of our albums, let it be exactly that: a full-length album with a lot of good songs. When the feedback comes back and everybody has their own opinion of what their favorite song is and that varies with over five or six or seven or eight or ten different tracks, then we know we succeeded.

Here’s an awesome album. Then we fucked around and had Ben Cybulsky at Chapman mix it. Oh my God. I was a fan of the album prior to it being mixed then when it was mixed I was like “Oh shit!” Then when we sent it to Tom Baker and had it mastered and it came back and it’s like euphoria. It’s some different shit. I can’t wear the album out.

There’s a lot of different dynamics within ¡MAYDAY! Then you see them live and it’s a wrap. For all the fans that have seen them live, you were either outside smoking or brain dead if you’ve seen them and didn’t think they were dope. They’re fucking dope. They put effort and energy into their show. I’m just a huge fan. So when I say it might be one of the best albums that’s a big ass statement because Anghellic was the closest thing to me for so long. I was really proud of Everready. I am immensely proud of All 6’s and 7’s. I’m a huge fan of Krizz’s first work Vitiligo. There’s so many really good albums that we’ve put out over the years. I like Kutt’s Feature Presentation. That’s one of mine, but this record is something special. That’s what I know.

When I say that and I’m the one putting together the budget, the finances, and everything for the album, I’m going to actually put my money where my mouth is and I’m going to go after this the best of my ability. We’re going to market it very heavily in the streets. We’re going to put these guys on 90-plus shows and we’re going to go out there and try to infect the rest of the world, but this time while they’re on tour, three days into the tour their album drops. So on the third performance, they’re going to be able to buy a ¡MAYDAY! album and take that trip that I’ve been on for the last three months.

¡MAYDAY! - Take Me To Your Leader

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