‘Thank You Tech N9ne!’ – Kendrick Lamar Speaks On How Tech Helped Him Link With Dr. Dre In Nardwuar Interview [Video]

Mar 27 2012

Kendrick Lamar: Nardwaur Interview

Does Kendrick Lamar have Tech N9ne to thank for hooking him up with Dr. Dre (and by deduction, the signing of Top Dawg Entertainment to Aftermath)?

This seems to be the case, as is revealed in the “Kendrick Lamar vs. Nardwaur” Interview. Entertaining as always, Nardwaur actually opens up the interview by saying “Thank you Tech N9ne!” Kendrick gives an automatic response of “Tech N9ne, thank you” before Nardwaur catches him off guard by bringing up the fact that Tech N9ne actually helped Kendrick and the legendary West Coast producer hook up and join forces.

Strange Music artist Jay Rock also makes an appearance in the hilarious bit of the interview in which Nardwaur reveals that there are tours in Los Angeles for people wanting to see the ghettos and various original neighborhoods of famous LA rappers.

While observing the flier, Kendrick cracks up when he notices that Jay Rock is actually ON the flier for “Hood-Life and Hip-Hop Tours”.

“I don’t know WHAT they’d be checking out going through these parts right here!” Jay Rock remarks.

Once again a triumphant interview from Nardwaur. Check it out!

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