5,000 Strong – ‘KLUSTERFUK’ Pre-Orders Still Arriving [Social]

Mar 14 2012

Fan Shows Off "KLUSTERFUK" Pre-OrderWhile most fans may consider EPs to be smaller releases, at 5,000 pre-orders Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK is anything but small.

The brand new EP from Tech N9ne was officially released on Tuesday, but fans who were lucky enough to pre-order exclusively through Strange Music began receiving physical copies as early as Monday. KLUSTERFUK‘s exclusive pre-order offer gave fans a shot at owning an autographed copy of the EP along with a snake and bat decal and a free preview download of “Blur” featuring Wrekonize.

After Tech N9ne personally signed thousands of copies last week, pre-orders began shipping out to fans around the world. With so many copies shipped out, fans are still receiving their KLUSTERFUK packages.

Missed out on the pre-order? Click here to purchase KLUSTERFUK conveniently on iTunes!

Check out these great photos from fans on the web:

"KLUSTERFUK" Pre-OrderFan Displays "KLUSTERFUK" Pre-Order

Fan With "KLUSTERFUK" Pre-Order

"KLUSTERFUK" Pre-Order"KLUSTERFUK" Pre-Order Signed By Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne - "KLUSTERFUK" Pre-Order

Fan With His "KLUSTERFUK" Pre-Order

Tech N9ne - "KLUSTERFUK" Exclusive Pre-Order

New Pre-Order For "KLUSTERFUK"

Tech N9ne - "KLUSTERFUK"

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