‘Call Me A Madman’ – Tech N9ne Releases Lyrics For ‘Badlands’ Verse [Social]

Mar 21 2012

Tech N9ne Releases "Badlands" LyricsBefore fans had a chance to fully digest the exhilarating visuals of ¡MAYDAY!’s “Badlands” music video, Tech N9ne hit the web to give everyone an up close look at what went into his combustible flow on the single.

Always one to give his fans an uncensored look into his life and craft, Tech N9ne shared a photo of his lyrics sheet from “Badlands”. The guest feature already has fans everywhere buzzing as they anticipate the arrival of ¡MAYDAY!’s Take Me To Your Leader. Now that Tech N9ne has given out the lyrics, can you keep up with his blazing verse?

Check out Tech N9ne’s “Badlands” verse:

“If we’re summoned, then we’re gunnin – 30 round drum and now you’re done in
It’ll be stunnin’ when we come in and your front is where we run in
Do you soo woo do blue who crew you choose?
I don’t give a damn about the color in the shoes, only how many real niggas I can use
When the demons get ta fiendin’, white wings and the king has been steamin’
Cause of the green, everything is really mean and lusting for the cleanin’
Are the angels bang hell, till the muthafuckas became frail
Can’t tell you the mane, your reign fell
Fine, the witch is dying, the wicked tryin’ to get it
If rhymin’ is this kind of cryptic slime to dimiss, I’m acidic
Bismallah, in a minute wah lah, you’ll be in darkened days
Where the people don’t ride Maybachs, they pack and sparkin’ Ks
I’m talking bout you uppity niggas, I been around that for years
I’m the righteous, nicest life, but’ll fight and a killa right hea!
Down with your mad clan
Bow kiss your dad’s hand
I X my flesh, now get yo last brand
Call me a madman and I’ll welcome you into my badland, heh?”

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