Top 5 Things To Do With An Extra ‘KLUSTERFUK’ EP

Mar 28 2012

Take Me To Your Leader and KLUSTERFUK at Best Buy

If you’re a die-hard fan (and who really isn’t that’s down with Strange?), chances are you already had a copy of KLUSTERFUK before you placed your Take Me To Your Leader pre-order or went out to Best Buy to cop a copy of ¡MAYDAY!’s debut Strange Music release, both which include a copy of Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK within.

So what do you do with an extra KLUSTERFUK EP?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. The Car Copy – No more transporting it between house and automobile and no more wear and tear on your autographed cover! Hang the autographed copy on your wall, use the extra copy in the whip.
  2. Get Some Play – On your next date, after you’ve left the restaurant and you’re on your way to wherever, look your date in the eyes and say “I’ve got a present for you.” Place KLUSTERFUK in their hand, watch them get weak as they receive the best gift anyone could ever receive and then make your move. Make sure you time it right though and the copy of Take Me To Your Leader that’s rotating in your CD deck is playing the song “Imprint”. Timing is everything.
  3. Give One To A Friend – Remember when your buddy told you “You have to check this out” and handed you their hella-scratched copy of a Tech N9ne CD? Pay it forward and give someone a taste of KLUSTERFUK! Now aren’t you just the best friend in the world?
  4. Give It To Charity – The world needs more Strange Music.
  5. Throw It At Your Least Favorite Rapper* – Make sure you say “Cheah!” right after it collides with their dome-piece.

* This is obviously a joke. Don’t be throwing things at people unless you’re a female fan and you think your bra would look better on stage with Tech N9ne.

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Go to Best Buy to get your copy of Take Me To Your Leader and get KLUSTERFUK included!

  • What will YOU do with your extra copy of Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK EP?

Let us know in the comments section below!