CES Cru Live Podcast Interview [Recap]

Apr 10 2012

CES Cru Strange MusicOn April 10, 2012 at 1PM CST, CES Cru took LIVE to the airwaves to answer your questions and take calls from the fans!

As the newest act signed to Strange Music, CES Cru has had a lot to prove and has done it in a remarkably short period of time: with their stunning guest appearances and with the drop of their solo mixtapes, CES is quickly becoming Strange Music fan favorites with their elite lyricism, incredible flow and clever songwriting.

In this interview we asked the Kansas City duo about their solo mixtapes and their future plans.


Godemis, yours is called The Deevil. What can you tell us about that?

I draw a little bit. I’m pretty narcissistic and coincidentally I’m always drawing myself in different characters and shit and one of them was the The Deevil and shit. So there was a look, a design before there was any music. I like the character so much I started building the mix tape around it, that I was already working on. so it all just kinda feel together in a fell swoop. Actually while I was on tour with Mac Lethal, so slightly before we went on tour with Mac Lethal is when i conceptualized, so I just kind of hit the ground running. I just want to big up Info Gates ’cause that fucking guy is the most talented producer I know personally. He really really understood where I wanted to go with the album. We just work really well together and that is why the shit is so cohesive. I know there are some raps on there a couple pieces that don’t have hooks or necessarily verses per say, and I wouldn’t dare try to explain those things. I’m just rapping or it’s poetry, if you will.

What quality do you guys admire the most in other artists?

Godemis: Well I guess I could answer that question better if I took one of my favorite artists, for example let’s say Busta Rhymes or Prince or Dizzy Rascal or even fucking Lady Gaga. To me I like a motherfucker who just really is on their own shit regardless of what any one else says. I think one of the bravest thing you can do is create something and then put that on display and putting your name on it and being like “that’s me,” you know what I’m saying? Be it painting a picture and choreographing a dance or writing a rap, once you do that and put it out for people to critique, and you’re brave enough to let people tell you “that shit suck” or they love it or whatever the fuck, that’s one of the bravest things and that’s what I admire the most about other artists that go against the grain, not for the sake of going against the grain but that just really what they are and how they want to do it. We only go around once and there’s no fucking time to be biting off nobody’s shit or just going with the status quo just because that’s what’s safe or because you have ulterior motives for doing what your doing you, know what I mean? Like, motherfuckers should do shit from the heart and I just admire anybody who is doing that, not just artists just anybody that is doing what they love from the heart.

Do you guys see any trends in hip hop that you’d like to see go away?

Godemis: I’m going to say no at all, then what would I have to separate myself? All that shit is a blueprint for me on how not to do that. The further I am from that, the further I can get away from that with my sound, with my voice, with my deliver. Not to say I don’t do that shit, I just take it all in you know. All that shit is ammunition to me whether in big upping something or talking bad about something, like I need all that shit. People in all their trends and shit and that’s sad but not everybody is original but let’s face it, just because you can rap doesn’t mean you can think of gnarly shit to rap about or different way to rap. So it is what it is man but who am I to destroy somebody’s trend? I wouldn’t want somebody trampling my shit. Ain’t nobody can tell me Strange Music don’t belong, so who am I to tell any body there shit ain’t valid? I just say put your fucking nuts on the table, make better music, do your trend and rep that shit better then I rep my shit.

Click HERE to download Matter Don’t Money and The Deevil.

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