CES Cru Mixtape Listening Party Recap [Video]

Apr 9 2012

It got crazy when CES Cru hosted a mixtape listening party from the warehouse at Strange Music Headquarters. The Kansas City duo talked about their solo mixtapes: Ubiquitous’ Matter Don’t Money and Godemis’ The Deevil, took questions from the callers, and broke down the songs.

Some highlights of the broadcast include:

  • Godemis acting a damn fool and doing a flip off of one of the tables in the warehouse.
  • Ubi having to stop dead in his tracks, shocked, at one of the comments he received in chat during the first song played on his mixtape: “Is it strange im touching myself right now?”
  • The stories behind the songs like Godemis’ writing process for “Deevil Kneevil”.

  • What did you think of the broadcast?

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