CES Cru Solo Mixtapes Now Available: Ubiquitous – ‘Matter Don’t Money’ and Godemis – ‘The Deevil’

Apr 8 2012

CES Cru Solo MixtapesThe wait is over and CES Cru’s solo mixtapes are now available for free download: Ubiquitous’ Matter Don’t Money and Godemis’ The Deevil!



Ubiquitous’ Matter Don’t Money is a stunning collection of songs that put a gut check to a rap game full of fluff.

With the lyrical intricacy and fiery flow that has become a trademark of anything CES Cru-related, Matter Don’t Money features Ubiquitous spitting the kind of lyrics that hit you in the gut but stay in the head. The production features the originality and depth that has become synonymous with Kansas City hip hop: “Roadwork” soars to the heavens, “Larry David” charms with its whimsical boom-bap and the eerie “Harmony Of Spheres” is sure to induce a hypnotic trance.

Ubiquitous - Matter Don't Money

Godemis’ The Deevil is a crafty and otherworldly mix tape from the Midwest’s deadliest lyrical mastermind.

Created in a cauldron from deepest pits of the Kansas City underground, The Deevil serves as a twisted reminder that no microphone is safe. With a razor sharp tongue that slices through the funkiest of beats with ease, Godemis imposes his sick, lyrical will over the eclectic instrumentals of producer Info Gates. The results are nothing short of astounding and are sure to haunt a listener well after the last track. “Deevil Kneevil” sports an unmatchable flow, “On My Mind” is a love song unlike any you have ever heard and the single “Old Gregg” is as diabolical as it is head-noddable.

Godemis - The Deevil

These staggering debut will let the world know that CES Cru will be in hip hop for the long haul and are right at home with the elite artists on Strange Music .

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