‘Not Expecting That!’ – Fans Caught Off Guard By ‘Always’ Music Video From Ubiquitous Of CES Cru [Social]

Apr 19 2012

Like a cinematic thriller, Ubiquitous’ latest visual contribution from the Matter Don’t Money mixtape raises the stakes and finds the ringleader from “Harmony Of Spheres” caught up in mystery and murder.

The vibrant music video follows the exploits of the masked man first introduced in “Harmony Of Spheres”, but this time, his actions are far more sinister. Released earlier this week, “Always” from Ubiquitous had fans on the web buzzing thanks to the video’s twist ending.

What was the masked man up to? What became of his lover? The story continues to take new and unexpected turns as fans attempt to piece it all together.

Check out what some fans on the web had to say:

“This shit goes hard!!”

“That was kinda different. Like the song though!”

“its all about the musik!! STRANGEE ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT!!!!”

“Diggin the tune. That mask reminds me of a splicer in Bioshock”

“But she made you dinner lol…good video man. This is a trilogy right?”

“hahahaha yess this is great”

“lol he put the bitch back in the kitchen, oh and he remembered to get the cookies out the oven before he shoved her in.”

“Matter Dont Money one of the best mixtapes out!!”

“That red fountain is dope”

“There is an intensity in Ubi’s voice that leads me to believe he’s not just sayin shit to fit the meter. STRAAANGE.”

“Is that the SM fountain? red as hell”

“Best song off the mixtape”

“Fucking AMAZING!!!!! love it!!!!! =)=)”

“Yall are some weird fucks and i LOVE it”

“I fucking love this song. I’ve been jammin it once or twice a day UBI!”

“Your videos are always good”

“this guy has a new video out like every week. Im truley inspiried by him and i didnt even know who he was a month ago. And the marmofilms or whatever is a pimp too they mastered the video art”

Ubiquitous - Matter Don't Money

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