'What's In The Briefcase?!' – Fans Try To Figure Out What Ubiquitous Has Inside In 'Always' [Social]

Apr 19 2012

Shrouded in mystery, the premise behind “Always” from Ubiquitous’ Matter Don’t Money has fans scratching their heads as they attempt to figure out just what the masked man is carrying inside his briefcase.

Ubi In "Always" Music VideoIs it a gun? Is it diamonds? Why does he keep it so close? What could he possibly be planning?

Needless to say, the glow emanating from the briefcase at the end of “Always” is a sign of things to come.

With the contents of the briefcase still a complete mystery, we asked Strange Music fans to take a guess and see if they could figure out what the briefcase holds.

Check out what fans had to say:

“A list of women to put in the oven.” – Dolla Dot Sign

“Hip hops soul…” – Haze Za Ookami Baker

“I think that there’s nothing in the briefcase. I think it actually symbolizes something” – Joey Farnsworth

“I think it is prolly the tounges of all these hating motherfuckers out here. STRRRRRRANGE ALL DAY BABY!!!” – Michael Perry

“hes got all the cleaning supplies for any murder” – Zayne Mc Elroy

“An egg” – Drew B Beezy Bawek

“he keeps an assortment of his favorite movies. for example, finding nemo, step brothers, the land before time. etc” – William White

“A fat sack of some Buddha-cris” – Derek Ceperley

“blueberry pie.” – Martin Diggs

“Meth lab” – Zach Kassie

“Some chloroform to knock that chick out at the end” – Wyatt Eddington

“It’s not really a briefcase. Its a strange music box, it contains the King Of Darkness. Either that or a poni.” – Jonathan Fernandez

“weed and knives maybe a gun” – Jesse Barmore

“money or matter haha” – Chase Martin

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