Godemis Talks Hopsin Comparisons And White Contact Lenses [Strange Music Exclusive]

Apr 19 2012

CES Cru's Godemis and Hopsin

When you think CES Cru the first thing you think is “Dope!” right?

For some this is not the case.

Quickly becoming a fan favorite with his incredible flow and sinister vibe, CES Cru’s Godemis has also drawn attention for sporting the white contact lenses made presently-famous by Hopsin, also another Strange Music fan favorite.

The white contact lenses has sparked intense internet debate amongst fans of Strange Music and Hopsin alike. Who wore the contacts first? Should Godemis stop wearing them?

We talked to Godemis to get his thoughts on the contact lenses, his thoughts on Hopsin and the history behind his unusual eye-ware.

My first question is: dude, why are you trying to rip off Hopsin?

(Laughs) Aw man. I don’t know man because that dude’s awesome.

On the real though, we’ve seen some comments about the contact lenses that you sport and how people compare you to Hopsin because of that. Why don’t you first tell us about the history behind you wearing those.

To the best of recollection I started doing that my sophomore year in high school or something like that. I’ve been out of high school for quite some time now. I went to a performing arts school as a visual arts major and for a lot of people high school is where they start finding themselves so to speak. I started going that on a grand scale. I used to run around my high school with like enormous, enomormous fatigue pants on and red suspenders hanging down backwards on some reverse-skinhead shit. I also wore purple contacts – purple and green. I had some red ones that I used to wear back in the day and also some white ones. I caught a lot of flack for that in school and shit. It was really weird going to an art school where people are running around with blue hair and orange hair and whatever but I was constantly told to take the contacts out and pull my pants up and all this other shit but I was just doing shit my way.

I was doing that before I was even rapping. Before I was ever seriously considering a rap career I knew I wanted to be a fucking spectacle wherever I went. I wanted the attention. So I’ve been doing that shit for a minute. Of course I went through a lot of changes and shit. I put that down for a minute and started getting into other things but I’ve always been into rocking the contacts, it always gets mixed reactions but I figure a lot of people decide what color fucking shirt you’re going to wear, aint nothing wrong with changing your eye color, especially if you’re a performing arts major.

You’re just having fun with your look basically like so many artists and performers.

Yeah, that’s basically all it is.

When you get all these comparisons to Hopsin. There’s people that leave comments that you are deliberately ripping him off by wearing white contact lenses. What goes through your head when you see those kind of comments?

(sigh) Well initially I didn’t become upset but I feel the need to speak out. Maybe if I could tell everyone what I just told you to explain it. At the backend of that though it’s kind of disappointing. I wish people had longer attention spans and could hear past the contacts if you will. Yeah, Hopsin is a phenomenal artist. He’s a super talented dude. I got a lot of respect for that guy and I’m going to say it but I’m totally my own entity and my own fucking thing. I don’t take that shit to heart. If anything, it makes me want to keep wearing the contacts, you know what I’m saying? Because they’re getting a reaction like they always did. I’m sure Hopsin might even say the same thing. It’s all about making your own thing. It’s really ill too. I didn’t even know about homie when people started telling me about this other dude wearing contacts. You know, who is this cat? Then I started checking him out and if anybody’s going to be on some shit that I was on or vice versa it’s pretty cool that it’s fucking Hopsin man. That’s how I feel about it. I’m not biting him and he’s not biting me. It’s pretty impossible to bite a guy that you’ve never even heard of.

I’ve heard people say “Dude’s gotta take them out because that’s Hopsin’s thing.” What do you say to that?

Well I mean that’s kind of retarded, in a bad way. Not good retarded but bad retarded. I mean it’s like this: if that’s the argument that one would place on me then the same argument could be made towards Hopsin. Somebody could say “Well Hopsin needs to take those out, Marilyn Manson owns that.” But then you could go “Marilyn Manson needs to take those out, Rob Zombie owns that.” Neither one of us were the first ones to wear contacts. Ain’t nobody gotta do antyhing. It’s all about freedom of expression man. All the people that say I need to quit are just critics. They don’t do anything except type and type their opinion out and that’s cool but I’m going to keep doing me and do what I do.

In the grand scheme of things, how much does all of this really matter?

I’m going to go with “not at all.” Not at all really. It’s got nothing to do with the music per say. It’s just a visual deciision of what’s there. It doesn’t really matter though and anybody that knows me knows that I’m going to be on some other shit tomorrow quite possibly. I might not be wearing contacts anymore but if I do decide to, it will certainly be on my own terms and conditions.

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