‘Check It Out’ – Mac Lethal Shows Love For CES Cru’s ‘Matter Don’t Money’ And ‘The Deevil’ [Social]

Apr 12 2012

Mac Lethal Shows Love For "Matter Don't Money" And "The Deevil"The love for CES Cru’s solo mixtapes continues to pour in as Kansas City’s own Mac Lethal recently hit the web to show some support for the Strange Music duo.

Released this past week, Matter Don’t Money and The Deevil are the first projects from CES Cru since their signing to Strange Music and are already spreading across the web as fans have been praising the efforts as “album worthy.”

Featured on Ubiquitous’ Matter Don’t Money, Mac Lethal stepped up and encouraged fans on the web to check out the releases from CES Cru. Already frequent collaborators, can fans expect to hear more from Mac Lethal and CES Cru?

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Click here to download Matter Don’t Money and The Deevil.

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