'Absolutely Loved It' – Noel Fielding AKA Old Greg Of The Mighty Boosh Praises Godemis' 'Ol' Gregg' [Social]

Apr 16 2012

Noel Fielding Praises Godemis

As one of the most popular tracks from The Deevil mixtape, Godemis’ “Ol’ Gregg” music video has spread across the web and now, the original Old Gregg has stepped forward to praise the unique take on his character.

Fans may know Noel Fielding as one of the original members of The Mighty Boosh and as the actor that brought the Old Greg character to life on the show. Following the release of Godemis’ “Ol’ Gregg”, Noel Fielding hit the web to share his excitement over the track inspired by his character, even calling it “a great tune.” Noel Fielding also went on to applaud Godemis’ metaphors based on Old Greg and social networking. Noel’s comments come just after Godemis expressed his love for The Mighty Boosh in a recent interview.

With the real Old Greg showing support for Godemis and The Deevil, could Godemis’ tribute to the strange merman prove to be a viral hit?

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WATCH The Original Old Gregg Skit

Godemis - The Deevil

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