‘Cee-Lo Green Meets Prince With A Strange Music Twist’ – Aqualeo Praises ‘Kickin’ & Screamin’ [Social]

Apr 12 2012

Aqualeo Praises Krizz Kaliko' 'Kickin' & Screamin'

Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ & Screaminwon’t be out until May 15, but the buzz surrounding the release continues to build as everyone from Travis O’Guin to Tha Bizness has hit the web to share their excitement over the album. Now, Houston’s Aqualeo has stepped forward with some major praise for Kaliko’s latest project.

ith several music videos out, Krizz Kaliko has managed to capture the attention of the web and is making the most out of his upcoming release. Fueling the anticipation, Aqualeo recently jumped on the web to praise Kickin’ & Screamin’ as a “masterpiece” and even referred to the album as “Cee-lo Green meets Prince.”

Aqualeo’s comments come just after Krizz Kaliko confirmed another music video for THIS Friday. Riding high on the momentum for Kickin’ & Screamin‘, what will Krizz Kaliko do next?

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