‘Priceless’ – Fans Laugh It Up With Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Dancing With Myself’

Apr 14 2012

Fans React To Krizz Kaliko's "Dancing With Myself"

What happens when you leave Krizz Kaliko to his own devices inside the Strange Music HQ? Just about the wildest things you can imagine.

Krizz Kaliko’s “Dancing With Myself” music video finds the genius roaming the halls of Strange Music HQ in his boxers, toting a cannon of a gun, and taking over the boss’ office. With a special cameo by Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin, “Dancing With Myself” is a hysterical look at Krizz Kaliko’s goofy persona.

Released as part of Krizz Kaliko’s #KaliFridays, “Dancing With Myself” is the latest in a series of videos from the upcoming Kickin’ & Screamin’ album. From sneaking off with merchandise to vandalizing posters, Krizz Kaliko’s outrageous behavior had fans everywhere laughing right along as they watched to see what Krizz Kaliko would do next.

Check out what fans on the web had to say:

“This is awsome, made me straight of laught. Krizz kaliko is the best fuck techs poster. lol Nice work krizz, you got my buy for kicking and screaming”

“Love the long barrel revolver.”

“Krizz is on a new level.. Omg that shit goes harder than a diamond”

“awesome video. u guys look like u got it on over there at the strange compound. I saw u had to take ur fancy pants off in the beginning of the video haha”

“holy shit! that one is pure GENIUS!!”

“This music is a 100% me! Keep doin ya thang Kali. Can’t wait for this to drop!”

“lol i love the porno that hes watching at the end on his computer”

“Thanks for giving us all a good laugh with this, bruh! Pure GENIUS! Can’t wait for Kickin And Screamin! Kali Baby!”

“haha thumbs up for krizz watching porn on travis’ computer”

“That’s messed up but funny lol”


“Bwahahaha that was dope! That beat fuckin hit and the track was all around fire! Can’t wait for the cd!”

“rofl that was the best hahaha fuckin krizz”

“I love it! I love it! I love it!! Kali baby! You are awesome and you know it XD”

“I bet you guys have so much fun coming up with this shit. 😀 I love it!”

“His face when trav walks in is priceless hahaha”

“Sick Shit! I laughed my ass off :D:D”

“I bet that ain’t the first time you done that shit big dawg! Hahahaha strange music biiittcchh!!!!!!”

“mad hilarious!!!!!”

“Every time a new Kaliko album is announced I wonder how it will top the last one, Im blown away every time, this is ridiculous lol.”

“Lol amazing stuff! Every friday we get gold from Kali Baby!”

“Lmao that was funny, can’t wait for the Kicking and Screaming Album Kaliko, it’s gone be fire!”

“LOL! Krizz is the MAN!”

“Krizz’s face when Travis walks in xD”

“I just pre ordered kickin and screamin. Cant wait its gonna be awsome. Krizz kills shit, that mother fucker is a GENIUS!!”

“From the moment he dropped his pants, I couldn’t stop laughing…

My that doesn’t sound right at all LOL”
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