‘Funny As Hell!’ – Fans React To Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Dixie Cup’ Video [Social]

Apr 2 2012

Fans React To Krizz Kaliko's "Dixie Cup"Just before announcing an upcoming pre-order for Kickin’ And Screamin‘, Krizz Kaliko offered up the hysterical “Dixie Cup” music video that has kept the web buzzing with anticipation.

The brand new music video hit the web late last week and gave fans a brand new glimpse into the upcoming Kickin’ And Screamin’ album. Featuring Big Scoob and Twiztid, the party anthem quickly had fans everywhere talking thanks to the hilarious music video inspired by Office Space.

“Dixie Cup” is the third video teaser to come from the new album and by the looks of the online response, it might be the most talked about yet as it has racked up nearly 40,000 views. With an official pre-order on the way, Krizz Kaliko is making sure everybody has their “Dixie Cup” ready for the release.

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Check out what fans had to say on Facebook:

“Amazing krizz keep em comin!! ;)” – Caitlyn Sheets

“Lmao. I knew Krizz was gonna pull up beside them. That was too funny” – Cordarryl Mills

“Crazy track!!! Videos hilarious! So pumped for the album!” – Nikki Romph

“Thats some good shit.. got the white man gettin crunk…..” – Craig Montgomery

“HAHA! Hell yea! Loved it… I love how its just some dudes just rollin round jammin to Strange. reminds me of me and my friends. Except for the part were they roll the window up lol. We pull up on people all the time and just keep jammin. Love the song and video, Keep up that badass work Kali! Much love” -Markyshia Lavada Atkinson

“Reminds me of ‘Office Space’ Hahhaha!! great film. Great video!! Although, I wouldn’t roll up the window, I’d throw up MIDWEST and bump it louder! Big Scoob would have smiled 🙂 Kali would have chuckled. :D” – Josh Meseck

That video is hilarious and the song sounds tight!” – Heidi Welter

“Lmfao I love you Kali. this video cracked me the fuck up! CANNOT wait for kickin and screamin” – Krystal J Weir

“Holy shit I’ve been waiting so long to hear another Twiztid and Kaliko song. Can’t fucking wait to hear the rest of the song.” – Eric Dittman

“Excited to see what Kali Going to bring on this album 2 songs with twiztid you know I’m get this shit fo sure” – Mike Andersen

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