¡MAYDAY! – ‘Highs And Lows’ Remix

Apr 20 2012

So you’ve played Take Me To Your Leader at least twenty times by now and you still can’t get enough of it – join the club.

But did you know that one of the tracks from Take Me To Your Leader had its own remix before ¡MAYDAY! was even signed to Strange Music?

Look no further than the “Highs And Lows” remix.

In tradition of the best remixes, the “Highs And Lows” remix features a new beat, a new chorus and new verses from Wrek and Bernz, as well as feature spots by Freeway and J. NiCS.

The result is a song that plays more smoothly and mellowed-out than its album counterpart and serves as a perfect song for vibing out anytime that chilling is on the agenda.

¡MAYDAY! - "Highs And Lows" Remix

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