STILL Buzzing Over 'Take Me To Your Leader' [Social]

Apr 6 2012

Fans Still Buzzing Over ¡MAYDAY! "Take Me To Your Leader"The web is still alive with excitement from the release of ¡MAYDAY!’s Take Me To Your Leader. Following news of the album’s first week Billboard success and the “Lando’s Jam” music video, fans on have kept the conversation going.

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From keeping up with every online release to buzzing over the official album, the forums on are standing behind ¡MAYDAY!

Check out what the forums had to say about Take Me To Your Leader:

“Its beyond anything I expected”

“Sounds like the best release from an artist other than Tech and Lynch.”

“Love it every track is bangin best release from strange in awhile Mayday is insane anyone got any favorite tracks? Just put the itunes version on my ipod so now i can listen to it all i want”

“This shits fuckin’ amazing i love ¡Mayday! my new favorite since they joined strange”

“Plex luthor you crazy.”

“This album changed my opinion of them.”

“this album is fuckin amazing. mayday is turning out to be the best sign strange has had. im so pumped for anything they put out from now on.”

“This is gonna be one of my favorite albums of the year no doubt. Theres a shit load of songs on here that are classics, and I’m going to enjoy for a long time.”

“Probably my favorite Strange release to-date. Really glad I pre-ordered, definitely an album that deserves a lot of recognition and will hopefully last me for quite a long while in replay value. My favorite tracks were Badlands, Roaches, R.E.M., Due In June, Everything’s Everything, Lando’s Jam and Keep Em On.”

“Solid album! Like it alot! This album better blow up or else Mayday’s getn str8 fuckd cause they put it down. Solid.”

“I thought it would get worse since it was so good on the first listen….nah it gets better.”

“I thought the album was amazing, i didnt skip one song.the whole thing definatly felt very complete as an album, and the production and lyrics were insane.”

Just finished listening to the album in full, as Tech would say ‘It’s a beautiful thing’ there wasn’t one song i skipped. All in all im very impressed it sounded alot better then what i had imagined and i felt it was a very complete project as a whole.”


Cleary the best album to date for Strange and that says alot, fuckin amazing. Wrek is one of the best i have heard rip in a while. these guys are special”

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