Do You Know What Happened? – Fans Piece Together The Meaning Behind Prozak’s ‘Until Then’ Music Video

Apr 20 2012

Prozak’s “Until Then” proved to be much more powerful than anyone could have anticipated. With a somber look at what can happen when life is too much to handle, Prozak’s latest music video made a significant impact with his fans.

Prozak - Until Then“Until Then” also stirred the web as fans attempted to decipher just what it was that happened during the last moments of the video. Did Prozak wake up from a dream? Did he attempt to end it all? Did he succeed?

The music video definitely raised more questions than it answered and so we asked the Strange Music fans to share their thoughts and try to piece together the story.

What became of Prozak? You let us know and now it’s time to figure it out. Check out what fans have had to say so far:

“Hello Straaaaaaaaange! I seen Prozak mention something about his brother in the comments section of one of his posts for the new video ‘Until Then’. He mentioned he wrote it when going through it, but it became his brother’s song. I don’t know much about Prozak’s personal life, but let me take a shot at this. My thinking is that throughout the song, the story is about his brother and at the end he dies. The part where Tech is waking up Prozak at the very end and Prozak awakes to see Tech, this symbolizes that maybe Prozak was on the same road, but Strange saved his life? That is my take.” – Joe Muscato of Waterford, MI

From watching Prozak’s other videos I can infer that, before Tech brought Prozak on tour with him, Prozak was in a dark abyss with his life. He was going no where fast, and was contemplating ending his life. The video, “Until Then” is a thank you from Prozak to Tech N9ne, he doesn’t out-right say, “thank you” but you get the impression that since Tech allowed him to do a few shows, it turned Prozak’s life around. Now Prozak has signed with Strange Music and has one AMAZING album on the one that has the fan’s jumping and screaming in anticipation for the album to drop. Prozak now has what every artist wants, a spot in the spotlight, and he definitely has got it with Tech’s help.

I can also infer from the music video, that Prozak was also apologizing to his family for putting them through what they went through. Now granted, the viewers don’t get the full back story, but you can notice subtle hints- Prozak loves his family and actually does care about them. In conclusion, to recap, Prozak was in a very dark abyss with his life, Tech allows him to do a few shows with him, the crowd loves him, he get’s his “calling” almost and decides to turn rapping into a career, Tech saves his life in a metaphoric way by giving Prozak the opportunity to sign with Strange Music, and now Prozak has the fans begging for more with the release of his dope album soon to be released. “

‘Only the dead have seen the end of war.’ – Plato”Thomas Roberts

“What up, This is Jimmy Intillekt from the first time i saw that bad ass videoI knew at the end when tek says ‘come lets go,quit playin’ I could tell my man Prozak was slowly but surely opening his eyes so there for he is alive.” Jimmy Intillekt

“dwaamm thats a sick ass video!!:) i think that after tech n9ne finally woke prozak up.that girl didnt call back.they went off and blazed a blunt and said fuck the world! prozak realized she aint worth it and that he got juggalo fam n homies that are alwayz gonna be here;)

whoop whoop!!
much love”Lauren Dunlap of Hobbs, New Mexico

“obviously it was a dream, but the thoughts of how his family would react and how his kid would take it subconsiously blended into the dream, making it surreal. I would go as far as to saying he “died” in the video and was shown how the people in his life would react if he kept taking the path of popping too many pills and awoke in the end only to be given a second chance. Instead of Tech making the phone call to his wife from not being able to revive his artist, the ending shows instead the alternate reality of him waking Prozak while Prozak struggles to wake up from a deep sleep.”Andrew Bursaw

“What I got out of it is: Prozak was having baby mama drama and was contemplating suicide, the majority of the music video didn’t happen, it was what was going through Prozak’s mind while he was looking at the pills, he realized if he did take all the pills it would fuck up his homies and his son; this is the funeral scene. Then it goes back to reality when Tech shows up again and wakes up Prozak, this time Prozak is alive, you can tell because Tech says “lets go man” then walks off, he didn’t freak out or anything.

Thats my theory.”Johnathan Fernandez

“I hope you like my story, it is something I pulled from my own experiences so enjoy! –

Tech N9ne ‘Zak wake up dude. Stop playing dude, come on man. Wake up man, come on, wake up let’s go…’

Prozak fights his way into consciousness. ‘I’m a beast, I’m a beast! I got a message to spread, individuals to inspire! I’m mindful of my importance on this earth!’

Tech9 shouts ‘Whoa, whoa!’ as he almost gets popped by Prozak!

They take a minute to look around and then back at each other somewhat shaken.

‘I could see a slightly faded image of my face with no feeling but eyes open.’ Prozak explains, ‘There was an incredible strength holding me down and for a moment it seemed it was I, personally doing the torture. I subsequently fought back. I kept trying to rise making it up an inch and being forced back down several times. It felt as though my lungs were desiccated and I had absolutely no oxygen. I thought about a lot of things; my happy days far between the bad, my intensions, and what I want to help people understand. To offer people their own escape inside my mind will keep me alive. Finally I was in control again, for now.’

‘I know you’ve experienced this force before homie and I’m here for you. Your fans are here for you, the Juggalos are here for you. They help set you free, the pain and rage, demons and thought of death exist in the people that adore you.’ Tech reassures Prozak, ‘Good thing were in Denver! You know the Juggalo homegirl Holly got that fire!’

‘Aw yes! We can talk about the Dead and burn some trees!’ Prozak knows she has experienced many different evils and good feelings before. She is always good to talk to!

Tech and Prozak go to North Denver to visit their friend Holly! They get down on some good conversation and delicious barbeque. A few drinks and before you know it a nice party full of family forms and we all see each other’s sorrow behind smiles! And it just works.”


Note from writer to reader:
This Juggalo has been amazed and sometimes left speechless in the midst of listening to the work of Prozak. His sound is unique and there is so much reality behind his music. His lyrics make you want to better yourself. Prozak’s life may seem a dream but his thoughts remain wickedly taunted and perfectly amazing along with the rest of the wicked.

Whoop Whoop,
Holly Bryson
Denver, Colorado

” I think the way you should end it is have tech wake prozak up and have prozak sit up open up a book or where he writes his lyrics have him pull out a picture of his family and then have it cut to his family’s grave stone. Make the music video a video of how prozak dreams how his family would have felt if it were him instead of them.” – Paul Sajbel

“Prozak heads to the concert only to see a fan drop dead from overdosing with his girl looking over him crying. He then goes back to his girl and child without calling and is apologetic about their situation. A heaven and hell theme though as another man is at the house when he shows up……”Ryan Crawford

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