‘Sick’ – Fans React To Prozak’s ‘The End Of Us’ Featuring Sid Wilson Of Slipknot [Social]

Apr 10 2012

Fans React To Prozak's "The End Of Us" Featuring Sid Wilson

Fans waiting to hear Prozak return to his roots got more than they bargained for when the Paranormal emcee struck back with “The End Of Us” featuring Slipknot’s Sid Wilson.

The aggressive and barbaric dive into rock infused production gave listeners a dose of Prozak’s savagely wicked style that first made him so popular with underground audiences. Premiered by AOL, the track quickly spread as fans everywhere eagerly anticipated what Prozak would sound like when paired with Slipknot’s resident turntablist, Sid Wilson.

The result was as brutal as anyone could have expected. Soon after the premiere, fans all over the web buzzed over the collaboration and gave Prozak’s Paranormal even more momentum as it heads towards its release on April 24.

Check out what fans on the web had to say:

“Thats fuckin awesome bro!! Sid is a great guy!!!” – Dan Ruelas

“fuck I’m stoked for this to come out!!!!” – Devon Be Tokin Herbs

” Totally sick. I already preorder mines! Can’t wait to sport the t-shirt” – AJ Jordan The Crescendo

” I pre orderd this slipknot is my favorite band looking foward to seeing slipknot on the mayhem festival its kick ass metal and rap artists are collaborating looking foward to it” – Donovon Pomroy

“oh my fuck! that’s what’s up” – Justin Burns

“thats whats up strange and maggot corps dope outcome fa sho” – Ian White

“I think its bad ass that they are working together to make some BAD AZZZZ sounds.. just make me want to start out some songs.. BAMM!!!” – Thomas Pevo


“how mich sicness can one place handle :)” – Michael Stone

“whoa!!!! loving this track by my boy Prozak Hitchcock featuring Dj Starscream of Slipknot off of PROZAK’s new album “Paranormal”!! This album is amazing from everything ive heard from it so far!!! Just a few more weeks til its release!” – Tim Willhelm

“Paranormal is gonnnnna be AMAZING ♥” – Lindsay Joanna Foster

“holy shit , that is sick tune, headbanger!” -Jefferson Fernandess


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Prozak - "Paranormal"

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