AOL Premieres Prozak’s ‘The End Of Us’ From ‘Paranormal’ Featuring Slipknot’s Sid Wilson [Audio]

Apr 9 2012


After the thought-provoking songs and music videos for “Million Miles Away” and “Turn Back”, Prozak returns to form with a dose of that wicked sh*t that his fans know and love with “The End of Us” featuring Slipknot’s Sid Wilson. .

The Paranormal track features Prozak spitting hardcore lyrics over an instrumental of shrieking guitars and heavy riffs. This rock/rap hybrid should have fans all over ready to mosh when Prozak comes to a town near you for Hostile Takeover 2012.


AOL also conducted an interview to go along with the song premiere in which Prozak and Sid Wilson answered questions about themselves, each other and the collaboration.

Prozak on using dark themes and horror as an inspiration

It inspires me on several different levels. To me, the dark and macabre strikes a basic primal nerve in people, as it does to myself. It’s the unknown, the element of the inevitable, life/death. My music isn’t necessarily “horror” in the sense of the gore and those other kinds of concepts. It’s the horrors of life and consequences. I am aware that most people look for entertainment like music and film to make them feel happy. This is why pop music and feel good comedies dominate the business. However, there are those out there looking for depth and meaning, something to rage their frustrations to. This is where artists like me are needed.

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Prozak - Paranormal

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