‘Beautiful’ – Fans Find Solace In Prozak’s ‘Until Then’ [Social]

Apr 18 2012

Prozak’s latest music video is proving to be his most powerful yet as the Saginaw native is reaching into listeners’ lives with “Until Then” from the upcoming album, Paranormal.

The music video features a grim theme as Prozak faces the reality of leaving this world and the effect it would have on his loved ones. With cameos from the Strange Music family, “Until Then” is an all too real look inside the mind of someone who has truly let go.

With such a a significant message, “Until Then” has already made an impact on fans who have experienced similar situations. Finding inspiration in Prozak’s latest single, fans are connecting with “Until Then” on a whole new level. Delivering some of the most thought-provoking music in 2012, Prozak continues to tap into the lives of many across the world.

Check out what fans on the web are saying about “Until Then”:

“Holy Fuck this song is my new favorite song this reminds me of exactly what im going throught in my life….you did it again Prozak keep up the good work cant wait to pick this album up!!!” – Justin Bert

“this album gonna be a classic from begenning to end all the songs are just amazing” – Jay Hopkins

“Prozak is the best on strange music. He makes me proud to wear this snake and the bat on my arm” – Justin Minne

“damn dude, that song just gave me goosebumps homie! wow” – Ryan D Carrier

“You’re doing beautiful things Prozak. Im loving it!” – Dustin Almanza

“damn homie… been a long time since a song/ video left me without words… much love bro!”– Michael Simmons

“Think we all have had our ‘Dark Times’ and sadly can relate to this. Song hits home for me, keep doing what you do Prozak.. #MadLove” – Ron Yacketta

“18 military suicides per day.. this does not include family members of our veterans who commit suicide due to the incredible stress of war. THANK YOU. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by your music.” – Patti Gallion Katter

“You’re amazing ♥ Don’t stop. I love it ♥” – Melissa Martin

” Powerful stuff,teared up thinking of my little sis RIP some serious parallels” – Shawn Drew

“Beautiful, makes me miss some people…” – Tiffany Watson

” I teared up CAN’T..WAIT…FOR….THIS prozak we love you man” – Sol Lives

“Every music vid u have done has been awesome , making a big hype for paranormal ! Can not wait for it to drop !!!” – Tim Cox

“Wow I still have tears in my eyes, I have lost alot of family and friends to suicide or overdoses, and have had lot attempt it. Put this is why you are one of me FAVORITE Artists you keep it real and aren’t afraid to talk about REAL life! Thank you.” – Katrina Croy

“wow…i’m feeling this PAIN…having been through it myself…with friends and family…the song touched me deep man…much love and respect from the UK…YOU ROCK!!!” – Jay Basey

“WOW!! I’m lost for words. What an emotional delivery PROZAK! You’re a superb artist with a passion that pierces the heart with rhymes that make one reflect on life!! Keep blessin’ the Mic!! Love ya Prozak! Awaiting for PARANORMAL next week!!!” – Rikki Martinez

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Prozak - "Paranormal"

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