‘Bomb As F*ck’ – Fans Get Wicked With Prozak And Twiztid On ‘Line In The Middle’ [Social]

Apr 20 2012

Fans React To 'Line In The Middle' From Prozak And Twiztid

The Murder Mitten was most definitely in the house when Prozak enlisted the help of Twiztid for “Line In The Middle” from his upcoming album, Paranormal.

With the demented duo dropping in for a sinister guest appearance, Prozak challenged listeners to think about their own lives and how they’ve been lived. The brand new collaboration premiered exclusively through Real Detroit Weekly earlier this week and almost immediately, the web was buzzing with excitement from longtime underground fans who were waiting for Prozak to deliver another helping of that wicked sh*t.

As Paranormal approaches, fans are making it clear – you can’t go wrong with Prozak and Twiztid.

Check out what fans on the web had to say:

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“Straight fire, son.” – Eric Dittman

“that was the fuckin sihit man prozaks the fuckin shit no joke”Jacob Korber

“God fuck dam d town is fucking lucky to get much love tech whoop whoop” – Mon-e Fischer

“they fucking killed it any1 that says different dont know talent” – Avitar Torrez

“Its abu dhabi”Michael Sean Collins

“Twiztid is the motha fuckin shiiittt!!!!!!! Fuck y’all haters whoop whoop”Tones Alire

“Strange Psychopaths, represent.” – Tim Watson

“Prozak and Twiztid always make dope shit”Kyle Yazzie

“Great fucking’ song too bad Twiztid can’t make a special appearrance at the chicago show of the tour and do the song with prozak that would be some dope ass shit” – Jerry Nielsen

“Hell yeah! Sick track!! Whoop whoop! Twiztid and Prozak r the shit!!”Nate Browning

“Yeah this track was good. Monoxide went hard on that shit. Good stuff..” – Alex Thomas Swimmer

“Madrox+monoxide=the mother fuckin shit!”Jerrod Carter


“Damn, that hook is gonna be stuck in my head forever… prozak and twiztid, another underground hit… Whoop Whoop to my old school Juggalos...!” – Scott Vance

“That was a very thought provoking theme. The interview sums it up well, ‘ That line is all the experiences and every single thing that person has ever done and said. Their LIFES work summed up in a dash.’ I have never looked at it that way. Well done fellas! Prozak is taking 2012 by force!”OfficialRibcage

“Every song I hear from Paranormal makes me even more excited to get this album!! Prozak is an amazing rapper, writer, and man!!”Michelle Wilhoit Hutcherson

“I have had the honor and privilege of meeting Prozak on 3 seperate occasions, 1st on the ‘End of Days Tour’, 2nd at the GotJ 2011, then on the “Hostile Takeover Tour”. I am very impressed with him as an artist and as a person. He is very down to earth & real. Prozak is a lyrical genius as well as an amazing performer. I had a couple of short conversations with him, he treated me with the utmost respect. In 1 of those conversations we talked of an idea and he has brought about with the track ‘Until Then’. I take absolutely no credit, I am just excited that he remembered. Thank you Prozak! I am very excited about Paranormal and I look forward to much more. Best of luck & God bless.” – Joe Hutcherson

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Prozak - "Paranormal"

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