‘Do You Have A Favorite?’ – Prozak Asks Fans To Share Their Favorite ‘Paranormal’ Track [Social]

Apr 25 2012

Prozak - "Paranormal"

With so much excitement surrounding its first day of release, Prozak’s Paranormal is making an impact with Strange Music fans everywhere.

ProzakAs the release continues to leave its mark on the iTunes charts, fans are showing their support for Prozak’s brand new album and proving that different is still good. On top of featuring guest appearances from the likes of Tech N9ne and Twiztid, Paranormal has also spawned the hits “Million Miles Away” and “Enemy” featuring Tech N9ne.

The first release from Prozak in four years has given fans 18 brand new cuts from the sinister emcee and it looks like fans already have their favorites picked out. Prozak hit the web recently to reveal that “Until Then” meant the most to him and encouraged his fans to share their favorite track from the new album.

From the eerie “Tell A Tale Of Two Hearts” to the anthemic “F-ck You”, fans wasted no time in sharing their early favorites from Paranormal.

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Check it out what fans on the web had to say!

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“Perception Deception.” – Scott Seaman

“One of these days is very inspirating for me” – Nils Jauns

“I’d have to say ALIEN or FAREWELL both my favs

both powerful songs man” – Patrick Finn

” I’m listening to until then right now. turn back is probably the most meaningful for me though.” – Josh Swain

“Million Miles Away” – Joseph Reese

“Full moon! But really they’re all good!” – Jason Burruss

“Perception Deception :O” – Daniele Brown Morrone

“Until then is my favorite hands down” – Matthew Stephen Harrison

“Milion Miles Away ♥” – Hassan Jawad

“Full Moon And One Of These Days” – Jay Hopkins

“Alien is mine” – Daniel Insanechild Kimber

“Tale Of Two Hearts n Prepare For The Worst” – Justin William Korff

“Alien and Until Then” – Josh Hanks

“One Of These Days.” – Stefvn Tilton

“My fav track on Paranormal will probably change everyday, but as of right now Im really digging The End of Us. It sounds great, the lyricism is great, the energy it gives off is just RAAAAAAH! Its real political shit, you pretty much said everything I’ve been thinking in that one track.” – Jonathan Fernandez

“End of Us, Fuck You, Perception Deception, Enemy, Wake Up You’re Dead. Ah hell, the whole damn thing. Too legit to quit.” – Rhi Bennett

” Love em all but line in the middle really hit home with me. #lifematters” – Chris N Angela Bender

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