Prozak Asks: ‘What Would You Change?’ – Child Abuse

Apr 19 2012

Prozak - "Million Miles Away"Prozak’s “Million Miles Away” music video from his upcoming album Paranormal touches on many issues that run through the fabric of our society. When asked “If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?” the answers ranged from innocent (bedtimes) to very serious (child abuse, bullying, poverty).

  • Today we examine child abuse.
Prozak on child abuse:
I know all too well exactly what the effects are of child abuse and what it does to people. It’s all a vicious cycle. When kids experience abuse when they’re younger, despite how angry they are about what happened to them and knowing what it did to them, they have a tendency to recycle that abuse later in life. Child abuse also affects a person’s self-esteem and their psyche. It’s been proven that victims of it are less likely to become successful. It’s extremely damaging and the thing is that the kids obviously don’t decide to come into this world. Children are created by adults and unfortunately there’s millions of adults out there that didn’t deserve the honor to create a life in the first place. The damage is long-lasting and it is a cycle and they continue to repeat the process. It goes on for generations I’m told. Somebody intervenes or somehow it ends. It’s definitely a sickness and I don’t understand the logic. There is no logic. It’s in inner cities and wealthy homes, there’s no race or financial class that separates this. This is a problem in third world countries as it is in multi million dollar suburban houses in rural America.

Do you know anyone that has suffered the effects of child abuse?

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