‘I Am Paranormal To The Industry’ – Prozak Reveals Meaning Behind ‘Paranormal’ [Social]

Apr 2 2012

Prozak Reveals Meaning Behind "Paranormal"

As he builds momentum for the release of Paranormal on April 24, Prozak is making sure fans have a clear understanding of the album and its title.

Just after releasing his latest music video for “Turn Back”, Prozak hit the web to address fans directly and reveal the true meaning behind Paranormal:

“Paranormal: Some may ask why this title… I feel as an artist I am Paranormal to the industry. I do not fit into a box, nor a genre. I do not share the common goals most hiphop artists share: MTV-Radio, so on and so forth. I make what I want… how I want.. for whom ever wants it. For those that do.. Thank you, and I love you for the support.”

Looking to give fans brand new and original music, Prozak is offering some of the most thought provoking subject matter in hip hop. Following the singles “Million Miles Away” and “Turn Back”, it’s clear that Prozak is anything but an industry artist – he’s Paranormal.

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