‘Too F*cking SIC’ – Slipknot Fans Excited For Prozak And Sid Wilson Collab [Social]

Apr 13 2012

Prozak And Sid Wilson Collaborate On "Paranormal"

Strange Music fans aren’t the only ones excited to see Prozak and Sid Wilson collaborate. Plenty of Slipknot’s Maggots have hit the web in support of the two artists working together on the aggressive “The End Of Us”.

Following Sid Wilson’s praise and support for Prozak’s Paranormal, fans began sharing their excitement over the web and a surprisingly large number of Strangers turned out to also be huge Slipknot fans.

With both camps focused on creating original and unique music, it’s not surprising to see Strange Music fans and Slipknot fans share something in common.

Could this set the stage for something bigger? Stay tuned for more!

Check out what Slipknot fans on the web had to say:

“Definitely a slipknot fan strange & sic deadly combination”

“fuck yes…DJ STARSCREAM. . . just needa WHOOP WHOOP and I’ll be set hahaha”

” tooooo fuckin sick!!!!! “igot mad love for Strange Music” that’s wat’s up hearin that shit from Slipknot!!!!!”

“Sid from slipknot and strange haha whats more to ask”

“SWEEETTT!!! Awesome h ow Sid reppin Strangemusik! Gonna see Slipknot at Mayhem and Tech N9NE and the crew this saturday!! Hella STOKED!!”

“Strange Music & Slipknot, IM IN FUCKIN HEAVEN!! m/”

“We’re maggots tech!!! When u doin a metal collab?!”

” I wanna see slipknot do a full album with tech and prozak! That would be sickly STRANGE!”

“The whole thing I think is (sic) !! Keep it strange starscream!!! Blaze on too”

” Daaaaamn even slipknot is entering strangleland!!!! EPIC”


“sick DJ big fan of his work with slipknot and his solo stuff/”

“Hell Yeah! Maggots & Technicians stand up!”

“Maggots and technicians sounds awesome…”

“Holy shit!! I’ve been Knot fan since I but a lad, and I’m a die hard Strange Music fan! This shit right here, this is just absolutely beautiful.



“Fucking Sid Wilson of Slipknot… FUCKING CRAZY!!!”

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Prozak - "Paranormal"

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